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Director's Message

Bruce GaulinWelcome to the web site of the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research. The Brockhouse Institute is one of the oldest materials institutes in North America. Physically located at McMaster University, it has a diverse membership that includes researchers from many different disciplines and research institutions.

About Brockhouse Institute

InstituteThe BIMR is an interdisciplinary research organization with the mandate to develop, support and co-ordinate all materials research-related activities at McMaster. The facilities of the Institute and its pool of expertise are also available to industry and organizations that require assistance with materials research and development or material analysis.

Staff honoured with President's Awards for Outstanding Service

Andy Duft was the recipients of the President's Award honoured for outstanding service. Andy demonstrates outstanding commitment and excellence from within our Institute.

Two pals share Brockhouse medal for physics

McMaster physicist Kari Dalnoki-Veress has been named co-recipient of the Brockhouse Medal for his contributions to physics in Canada, an honour he shares with his frequent collaborator – and one of his closest friends - James Forrest of the University of Waterloo.


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