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Associate Professor Kevin Diamond *McMaster University

Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Cryogels:  Advances in Tissue-Mimicking Materials for Biomedical Optics

Professor Suning Wang * Queen's University

Controlling Molecular Transformation for New Photoresponsive Materials & Chemistry

A central research theme of our team is to discover new molecular transformations via the excited state and utilize/control such transformations for the creation of new functional / photoresponsive molecular materials for applications in optoelectronic/energy conversion devices.

Professor Mikhail Kats* University of Wisconsin

Dynamic Control of Infrared Absorption and Thermal Emission Using Phase-Transition Materials

Professor Yurij Mozharivskyj *McMaster University

Exploring Solid-State Responsive Materials: from Design to Synthesis and Applications

Solid-state responsive materials display unique reaction under static or variable applied forces or fields. In my group we explore three types of the responsive materials: (1) inorganic phosphors for temperature sensing; (2) thermoelectric materials for power generation; (3) magnetocaloric materials for magnetic refrigeration. Some of the challenges in each field will be analyzed and the ways we solve the challenges will be presented.

Zhi-Feng Huang, Associate Professor, Wayne State University

Density-field Modeling of Material Microstructures and Dynamics: Advances and Challenges


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