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Director's Message

Bruce GaulinWelcome to the web site of the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research. The Brockhouse Institute is one of the oldest materials institutes in North America. Physically located at McMaster University, it has a diverse membership that includes researchers from many different disciplines and research institutions. Within this site, you will find information about the research pursuits of our members, our facilities for material synthesis and characterization, our opportunities for researchers at all levels and our seminar, workshop and outreach activities. If you have any questions or comments about the Institute please don't hesitate to contact us.

About the Director

Dr. Bruce D. Gaulin was appointed Director of the BIMR in 2009.  A longtime member of the Institute, he is expert at neutron and x-ray scattering studies of materials, and is the Scientific Director of the Centre for Crystal Growth within the BIMR.  He is co-author of more than 150 scientific publications and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the American Physical Society.  He is a Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and has held the Brockhouse Chair in the Physics of Materials since 1998.