Welcome to the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research

The BIMR plans for and operates sophisticated infrastructure for the production and advanced characterization of materials. It also both disseminates and celebrates research achievement covering a wide range of scientific and engineering interests, related to materials.

At present we operate roughly $40M in research infrastructure, and aim to make this forefront investment available to a large materials research community at McMaster, and to both the national and international materials research community.  We currently have more than $10M in additional new research infrastructure under either procurement or construction.

There are more than 130 independent principal investigators who are officially BIMR members – they are drawn from all the traditional materials science disciplines in academia, such as Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, and Chemical Engineering, but less traditional disciplines as well, such as Biochemistry and Anthropology.  We also have many users and collaborators drawn from the industrial and government research sectors.  The training and education of the next generation of materials scientists is central to our overall mission.  In any one year, we estimate as many as 500 highly qualified personnel, both within and external to McMaster, are making use of BIMR infrastructure and technical expertise to further the interests of their dissertation research or scholarly interests.

Founded in 1969, the BIMR is one of the oldest and largest materials research institutes in North America.  Most of our infrastructure is physically located in the A.N. Bourns Science Building (ABB), with new infrastructure under construction within the McMaster Nuclear Reactor.  A key to our success is our skilled and experienced technical staff who allow the sophisticated research infrastructure to be optimally exploited by a large and diverse user base.